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An Introduction to Genos Certification

Genos has specifically designed their Emotional Intelligence Certificate Program to ensure you are an authority on using emotional intelligence within your working environment. When you participate in a Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program, you will learn from world-renowned experts who work with large multi-national companies on an on-going basis. These mentors and teachers are the best in their field and work towards making organizations of all sizes become the best model of themselves they can possibly be.

Those who participate in the Genos Certification Program will be equipped to:

  1. Develop and market emotional intelligence products and services.
  2. Enhance and further develop other individuals and groups emotional intelligence levels through in-depth assessment and debriefing of results, as well as providing the mechanisms necessary for boosting emotional intelligence in the working environment.
  3. Create and direct group emotional intelligence workshops and classes.

Who should participate?

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program is ideal for those who are already experienced in the field of educational and organizational development as well as HR practitioners, executive trainers and organizational development professionals.

What format does the program take?

The Genos EI Certification Program is delivered over the course of 2 days and includes:

  1. Educational and Motivational content
  2. Engaging practices
  3. Hypothetical scenarios
  4. A one on one 360° EI assessment and debrief conducted by a Genos certified instructor
  5. Debriefing following practical applications
  6. Action planning

To achieve certification and complete the program successfully, the participant must study a sample 360° assessment and debrief the results with the master trainer. The master trainer will then provide you with feedback on your training. The aim of this session is to clearly demonstrate to the master trainer that you can apply the Genos Emotional Intelligence tools to debriefing and assessment and therefore confidently undertake training and workshops of your own.

Certification Program Results

After successfully completing the certification program, you will be equipped to:

  1. Develop and market your own emotional intelligence products and services to others
  2. Enhance and further develop other individuals and groups emotional intelligence levels through in-depth assessment and debriefing of results, as well as providing the mechanisms necessary for boosting emotional intelligence in the working environment.
  3. Develop and deliver emotional intelligence training to larger groups


There are many clear advantages to becoming a Genos EI Certified professional; just some of these advantages and benefits are listed below:

  1. Affiliation with the world’s highest regarded source on emotional intelligence practices for the working environment.
  2. As a certified Genos practitioner, you will be granted access to our growing network of over a thousand professionals who each practice emotional intelligence coaching and developments in their respective fields, e.g. HR coaches, executive coaches and organizational and development coaches.
  3. All certified members are given access to our online portal, which holds a wealth of invaluable documents, presentations, marketing material and much more.
  4. Genos will provide you with support throughout your journey with introductions to long-term practitioners and experts in the field of academics.

Appraisal & Debriefing

  1. The Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence
  2. The Genos Assessments and Reports
  3. Successfully debrief appraisal results to groups and individuals

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

  1. The Genos EI development learning design,
  2. The Genos EI development experiential exercises.

Developing and marketing EI Solutions

  1. Methods for making the business case for Emotional Intelligence solutions
  2. Methods for positioning Genos as the authority on EI when compared to other EI methods. Selling our uniqueness.
  3. Methods for responding to specific client requests and requirements, as well as developing EI development solutions for that client.

International Coaching Federation Recognition

If you are already an International Coach Federation certified practitioner, you can gain an extra 10 core competency hours as well as 4 resource development hours by completing one of the Genos Emotional Intelligence certified courses listed on our calendar.

Preserving your Certification

Qualified and competent use of our assessment tools derives from:

  1. Consistent learning and practice
  2. Consultation and association with other Genos certified practitioners
  3. Continued usage of the tools in real-world situations

In order to preserve and maintain your Genos certification, you will be required to:

  1. Undertake the debriefing of no less than three emotional intelligence reports in any year.
  2. Be present at a minimum of one Genos professional development event in any year, this can include taking part or watching in a virtual event (webinar) or being present at a physical event.
  3. Genos strongly recommends that practitioners hold a professional indemnity insurance for a minimum of USD $1,000,000 or CAD $1,000,000
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