Why is it important to integrate emotional intelligence into selection and talent management?

Successful organizations are now integrating emotional intelligence into their talent management processes. From selecting and hiring new employees, to transitioning and development of existing team members.  These organizations are preparing for the increasing demand in Emotional Intelligence skills in all positions and at all levels.  The World Economic Forum released their top 10 job skills for success by 2020, and emotional intelligence is ranked in the top 10.

Most job descriptions include requirements similar to:

  • Inspirational Leadership style
  • Positive demeanor
  • Results oriented
  • Creative
  • Resilient
  • Trustworthy
  • Critical and Agile Thinking/problem-solving
  • Fosters Collaborative Environment
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Solid judgement and decision-making
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Ethical

These are all facets of Emotional Intelligence – and are being asked for already by way of existing job descriptions.  With the Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Report, organizations now have the ability to accurately measure the candidate’s capacity for demonstrating these requirements.

Emotional Intelligence involves a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others. Collectively they help us make intelligent responses to our emotions, creating workplaces that are more productive, collaborative, creative and profitable.  These skills are as important as intellect, experience and background in determining success at work and in life. Emotions influence (both productively and unproductively), all of our decisions, behavior and performance.  Utilizing a validated Emotional Intelligence selection instrument in the hiring process provides critical information regarding the candidate’s emotional intelligence to combine with other selection best practices and processes to add another dimension of information to the selection process.

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Report

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